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News Archives

"Video 'shows Scorpion taking bribe' " (26/04/07) Natal Witness - Page 4

"NPA unveils new strategy ." (28/03/07) www.iol.com

"Restorative Justice Plan takes shape." (23/02/07) www.iol.com

"Man Spends 18 unnecessary months in jail " (06/02/07) www.iol.com

"Prisons overcrowded, courts overloaded in KZN" (06/03/07) The Mercury - Page 3

"Say sorry and stay free plan" (23/02/07) Natal Witness - Page 2

"Are we becoming the helpless victims of crime?" (5/02/07) The Mercury- Page 9 Text Document


"Court Staffing Crisis Looms" (28/09/06) The Witness Page 01

"Judgement regarding the delay in admissions to reform school 14th September 2006 " (28/09/06)

"Courts can't cast people onto the streets" (30/08/06) The Mercury Tania Broughton

"Defence lawyers slammed for backlogs " (24/07/06) The Mercury Tania Broughton

"Hospital backlog delays justice" (24/07/06) The Mercury Xoliswa Zulu

"KZN judges to discuss prison, case problems " (20/07/06) The Daily News Sharlene Packree

"Alternative sentencing on cards " (21/06/06) The Mercury Nathan McIntire

"Fired prosecutors draw full pay " (29/05/06) The Mercury, By Tania Broughton

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